20 March 2011

RPM for nethogs in openSUSE

Nethogs is a 'top' for network connections. It seems, RPMs are no longer supported(At least homepage links for RPM don't work). I had some troubles making an RPM for in in openSUSE. So I'd share a workaround for it.

Download lastest(for now) release tarball and uncompress it:
$ cd /tmp && wget 'http://sourceforge.net/projects/nethogs/files/nethogs/0.7/nethogs-0.7.0.tar.gz/download'
$ tar -xzvf nethogs-0.7.0.tar.gz

Now make
$ cd nethogs
$ make
You may try running
$ sudo checkinstall -R
but if you are at openSUSE box as me, you'd probably get error that says you didn't specify filename in
'install -d -m 755'... If so, edit ./Makefile:
1) find line:
sbin  := $(DESTDIR)/sbin
2) append the folliwing line after that:
bin  := $(DESTDIR)/bin

That's it! Yoy may now run
$ sudo checkinstall -R 
and follow checkinstall instuctions. Everything should be OK now.

Good luck.

You might have to install checkinstall:

$ sudo zipper in checkinstall